help please
I'm having problems with my emulator with the graphics. I'm using PCSX2 0.9.6 and there are some images that are split vertically or as if it was cut and a part of it is moved on the opposite side. (eg. 1==1 becomes ==11)

It's not crashing the game and I'm not having problems with the frame rate. It's just that this graphic issue is disturbing.

Also, sometimes some scenes would have vertical lines, just small ones, about 2 inches each. A row of it on the top and another below it. I think it's related with the split screen issue.

I attached pics so you guys could see.

Also, I'll list my hardware specs, if ever it's an issue with my hardware.
AMD Athlon X2 4000+ 2.1ghz
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT
4gb DDR2 memory


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The first thing I would suggest is to see if you still have the problem on 0.9.8, which can be downloaded here. 0.9.6 is very old (more than 2 years old) and is not supported anymore.
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I have everything...
What game is this?
And post a screen shot of your GS plugin settings.
@MyDreamName thanks, I'll download 0.9.8 and try.

@Rezard screen with the loading is Ar Tonelico 2, the other is Ar Tonelico 1.

Great. Now check 0.9.8, and see if that graphic error still exists (with native internal res).
0.9.8 works well. The split screen was gone. Thank you. Smile

BTW, is there a way to boost the frame rate in 0.9.8? I'm only having 45fps on average with it while on 0.9.6 I can have 60fps.
I already figured it out. 0.9.8 works well on me with 60fps. Thanks Rezard for your help. Smile

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