help please bios language problem???
help i configured according to the instruction the ps2 screen loads and comes to the point where it asks the language though i have configured the game pad i am not able to hit the x botton and i also know my mouse does not help me there i have atleast a 100 ps2 games but iam not able to play them because i dont have tv at college i only have a system ,so please try to help me my system configuration is core 2 quad 2.4 ghz 9600gt 4gb ram
please forgive me for being such a noob beacuse i am new to pcsx2 please.

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what pad plugin are you using, and what pad/keyboard config? (please provide screenshots)
problem soved bro but got a new problem when i load the game the game loads and when it come s to the main page it says that pcsx has encountered a problem and needs to close the only game i can play is wwe here comes the pain help ,by the way thanks for responding to my request saiki
First check to make sure your games are compatible with PCSX2 by clicking here. Make sure the version of your games are the correct region and have the correct serial code. If you're getting errors with games that are listed as playable, try to search the forum for people who may have asked about the same errors before.

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