help to run jumper griffon's story
ok it seems to run just fine, no error messages, but all I see it the screen staying black and then the emulator just shuts down. I think the last thing that showed up on the debug window is something about "network game" if anybody has gotten this game to run,any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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It would help if you show us your pcsx2 version, settings and screenshots of the console window or the content of the emulog after the crash too.
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my emu version is 0.9.6 I'm also giving you guys the log file and a screenshot of the debug screen before it crashes and a few other setting that might need changing. the game screen just stays black running at 60 fps until the entire emulator closes without warning.

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You are using some ancient plugins there. I don't know where you got these from but it was not from our site.
Better get the 1888 beta of PCSX2 and March 11 beta plugin pack from here:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thx the new version worked

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