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help wild arms 3
help me the game is so ***** slow and buggy in hardware mode and is faster in software mode but there's a nasty bug where the emulator does not use 99% of cpu mostly 60+% and slows down like when in cutscenes i get to aslow as 15fps there im having a fritz cuz of this game my ps2 just died on me 3weeks ago so pcsx2 is my only option right now plz help me is this a emu bug or plugin bug used 0.1.14 gsdx and above and when i say above all new revs of gsdx the newest i have is 1376 0.1.15
it still have same problem im using a copy i ripped myself
my setting are
gsdx sofware mode dx10 checked texture filter on
zerospu2 0.4.6
ssspsxpad plugin
linuz pcdvd plugin
i eve tried using nullsound to speed things up but to no avail just finished grandia 3 in pcsx2 with no hassle but this old game give's a headache pls someone tell me if it not working at all tnx
and i also disabled all speedhacks aswell

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You are GPU limited for this game.
Your best bet for this game in hardware mode is to check the "native" checkbox and either use grey or unchecked "texture filtering", this only fixes the text issues however and as Maestro said this game is very GPU limited so the speed slowdowns are expected. Other than that try to get the latest PCSX2 public beta and enable speedhacks on it ("VU Cycle Stealing" set to slight might give you quite the boost).
tnx anyway already tried those used all speedhacks and use native in all pugins i used but what troubles me is that i get better performance on software mode than on hardware and thats whats really puzzles me i get 38 to 45 fps on hardware and i get 50 to 60 fps on software but i still get slowdowns on places where my characters gets close to the screen and thats whats bugging me
anybody else have same issue as mine
got another question is this game really more gpu intensive than grandia 3 cuz i finished that game withouth trouble except where some cutscene movies could cause the emu to crash so id just skip them i even have 1024by1024 on my gsdx setting without slowdowns always 60 fps
Dont know what to say, I can play Wild Arms 3 with more than 100% speed all the time using native resolution and "VU cycle stealing" and way faster than software mode Tongue

In my case I can play Grandia 3 with 1536x1536 resolution with no problem. You sure you're using "VU Cycle Stealing"? It gives me quite the boost in both software and hardware mode for Wild Arms 3.
yeah i use vu cycle stealing in all my games my problem with wild arms 3 is everytime i start a battle in hardware mode i get a sudden drop of fps before they do a movement like 60 fps then start shooting drop to 20-30fps then go back to 60 everytime the same thing happens 60fps then use item then drop fps then normal agaian even if i use guard it still happen in all ver of gsdx i use
now im just sticking to rev1376 of gsdx cuz the software mode there is better and i dont get this kind of problem in battles although my fps would drop significantly in cutscene's especially those that gets the characters close up in screen
heck tnx to those who posted here finally found out whats wrong this game hates dx10 so im sticking to dx9 this really boosts my speed in this game also elliminates that nasty lag i get during battles

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