help with .Mds and I00 format
i have a copy of xenosaga episode 2 in this format but for the life of me I can't figure out how to convert it to a regular ISO file to play on the emulator, do I have to burn it or is there even a way to just convert it?

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tried to rename it? works sometimes. Wink
better recreating the disc image as ISO, there is no need for MDS for PCSX2.
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I00, I01 and soo on are just normal ISO split to smaller size to work with non ntfs partitions mds just stores info for many different formats, dunno why the hell(not involving witch hunt at least) would anyone use splitted iso nowadays even less on a pc that could run pcsx2. It's like ages since I saw those, since XS2 for sure couldn't fit just one file in this format, renaming will rather be useless and pcsx2 doesn't make use of mds info either.

There's no program to convert/join splitted iso at least any I know, but you could try mounting the mds file to an virtual drive and then ripping the mounted game or simply use it with cdvd plugin to not waste time/additional space, in the future just get Imgburn to dump your games to any of the popular formats and stick to it.
(04-28-2013, 10:41 PM)miseru99 Wrote: ...
There's no program to convert/join splitted iso ...

dunno if the sectors are split correct but dos "copy" command with /b switch could join that. it's binary. if it's alot of parts you'll have a heart attack writing the batch file or a complex batch script tho. Wink
remake your iso with imgburn, thatll save you some time:
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FIXED IT thank you so much. mounting the mds file then right clicking the virtual drive and creating an iso file from that gave me a runnable ISO thank you for the help.
PCSX2 can read Alcohol image files (MDF and MDS) just fine.
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