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i'm a complete newbie to pcsx2 and i'm having some major problems. after following online tutorials, i was able to configure and get mk armageddon running. the opening movie was ok but the gameplay was ultra slow.

the current GS that i have running that seems to work (work meaning load the game ok but not play it) is gsdx 3693 ssse3 0.0.16 running on pcsx2 0.97.

my pc spec is as follows:

OS - vista 32bit home premium
CPU - pentium ® dual core e5200 2.5ghz
Graphics - intel g45/43 express chipset (or so it says on my device manager)

i have checked the configuration guide for 0.9.6 which i downloaded and followed but no luck.

can someone please advise if my pc is good enough to get the emulator going and if so, what are the right plug ins and configurations i require as i've tried many plug in combinations that are compatible with the CPU and getting nowhere. thanks Happy

i have checked the configuration guide on the other post for version 0.9.6 which i downloaded and configured but no joy.


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Your graphics card is too weak, your CPU is a bit weak too. Try some speedhacks and enable the "native" option in GSdx graphics plugin is all I can say since you didn't post your settings but it's possible you won't get the speed you want.

The configuration guide for PCSX2 0.9.7 is here:
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