help with framerate
i just built a new computer, everything is great except for my video card which is integrated(but its still a good GFXcard i can play games like left4dead and assasins creed on max)

this is my specs

AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Processor 3.6GHZ

4gigs of ram

windows 7 pro 32bit

video card AMD 760G

i tried playing socom 3 and i got around 40-60 FPS. but the game would lag here and there and the game sounds/voices stretch

my PC should be able to run PS2 games no problem so idk what the problem is
changing options might work but idk what to set them to
thx for the help, it was much appreciated

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congratulations : 1 hour on the forums, and you bumped twice...

first, tell us your pcsx2 version, and any non-default settings you're using, if you are running from ISO or DVD, and what the EE% and GS% are like when you get those slowdowns.
2nd, don't compare native pc games to pcsx2 emulation, it's just ridiculous
3rd, AMD fx CPUs perform badly under pcsx2 and have been proved to be bad gaming CPUs in general
and last, an integrated GPU will hold you back anyways

Just as a reminder : this is a forum, not a chat. If you don't know the difference, try wikipedia. this will avoid some warnings....
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RAM : 16 Go
your problem is invalid assumptions based on performance of games MADE TO WORK ON A COMPUTER.

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