help with new version of pcsx2 1.4.0 and configurations.
well now i see very differents options in the new menú of plugin configuration of video in this new versión my question is what configuration need for this games...

final fantasy x-2 pal(this game have problema in hardware mode that i need use the manual fixes of changes in fmv for software but the sound is low...other error that i see is a error of Impossible blend for D3D: (Cd - Cs) * As + Cd,in other versions i solve this disable shader fx but now i not have this optiuon enabled and appear in the console of emulation...the game work but appear this question is never fix the problema of fmv in pal versions?

final fantasy x work good but same of the other final fantasy few times appear Impossible blend for D3D: (Cd - Cs) * As + Cd in control console...

persona 3 fes and 4 i check with the before versions and have in pe3 fes error in the graphics very few in each cartooon dialoge of carácter in persona 4 i not see this...

welll now my question is what configuration recomend for each game?

final fantasy x and x-2 is pal

persona 3 and persona 4 is ntsc.

and what is the new option of texture filtering?for more quality we need use the ps2 bilinear or the forced?

i play in a monitor of 1920x1080

my pc is amd phenom ii 955 x4 3.2 GHz be
msi 770 c45
6 gb drr3 ram
Windows 7 32 bits.

this is my configuration but i need enable other for more better performance and quality?

[Image: OP9nwhN.jpg][Image: tRzTxWF.jpg][Image: Zde1bdp.jpg][Image: I0ywuZz.jpg][Image: xSJZvWa.jpg]

and games with same problema of ff x2 example silent hill origins and other game that in 1.2.1 need use software mode now with this new versión have a fix or a solution for the old problems?

for now i see the same fmv error in ffx2 and need add the option manual of change render to software  mode in fmv same of the after option...the option auto fix problem not work in ffx2.
other problema that i see in ffx2 is see the characters Blurred and doublé in the momento of i play in hardware mode...i need disable 8 bits textures or what?

and crc option What is it good for?
fxaa shader is good or bad idea enable?

Amd phenom II 955 x4
amd 5770 vapor x
6 gb ram drr3
Windows 7 64 bits

i hope recomendations for configure this game...the option enable textures 8 bits is good for persona games but bad for final fantasy games?sorry for this question but i see much people talk of this and i need see if this is true.

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