help with patch?
hi! i am new to this whole thing i have been reading tons and tons of threads about patching. I have been having an issue with the fact about this "patcher folder". I am not able to find it or let alone when i create it, my pcsx2 0.9.7 says that patch is unimplemented... i don't understand what i am doing wrong. Help please??!?!

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Uh, can you be a bit more specific? I think you mean the "cheats" folder, it's how it's named now in 0.9.7 to differentiate from actual patches.
If so it must be created in the same folder the pcsx2.exe is.

Not related with the current issue but very important for Vista and Win7 users.
If you installed the emulator in C:\Program Files (x86) it's a good time to uninstall and reinstall it elsewhere, inside some directory like C:\Games will do the trick. Doing it now while in the beginning will spare you from many headaches (it is valid for PC games too).

The patches unimplemented are indeed unimplemented yet, just don't be concerned about it. What you need are pnach files with the actual codes in pnach format, and these files get the game's CRC (you find this information in the console log) for name. it looks something like:
and you may need to certify "Show extensions for known files" is set in windows explorer, else it may actually be "DE37E046.pnach.txt" (although you do not see the .txt) and give a not found message.
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Here is a useful program you can use to create patch files:
PCSX2 Patch Editor

It might even find your patches folder automatically. BTW, nosisab Ken Keleh, I am using Windows 7 and put my patches under Program Files. Indeed, Windows initially blocked me from writing to files in that directory. But all I had to do was change the permissions for the patches folder and it worked fine.
That's bad practice, kills the very security those folders are supposed to provide, fuzzymillipede, and an issue that will repeat for PC games too with a most varied range of consequences. Something that could be easily avoided without any collateral effect by simply avoiding to install games in those folders from start. For that reason alone it should be taught to new users, not combated.
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I don't see how changing the permissions for the patches folder could compromise the system. The protection for the rest of the folders in Program Files should remain unchanged. While I agree that installing in Program Files isn't the best idea if you need write access to the installed files, if he already has PCSX2 installed in Program Files it's easier to change the permissions for one folder than to reinstall PCSX2.
I see the idea was not seized, it's not about reinstalling things that are working, it's more avoiding to repeat the same errors in the future. You must not rely only on my word, search others sources. I recommend the TES Nexus Site where the moddable nature of the games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Dragon Age made those folders "cursed" and reinstalling the game is the sine quae non condition to have most mods and utilities working. These games aren't alone.

What I repeated more than once before is still valid, the issue does not limit to the user rights, if it were, using an administrative account would suffice, but many (and most) times it is an application rights issue, this is a much harder to track down and correct issue... and should not even exist.

PS: reinstalling PCSX2 is a relative easy task and almost painless... it's far from true for any PC game and in a moddable game... fortunately the issue presents itself soon enough, but sometimes it's after a few dozen mods are already installed....
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I was able to enable my application to be able to write to the patches folder in Program Files just by changing the permissions for the folder. Is there any evidence that putting the patches folder in Program Files interferes with PCSX2's ability to use the patches (or anything else)? If not, I don't see why this is an issue.
No, actually was thinking only in PCSX2 itself (and any other game) and recommending avoid to install in C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders, if not for another reason, to avoid the need to be tweaking folder permissions, running as the administrator, relaxing UAC and all these things installing games in those folders may obligue.

In the end it's just a suggestion and a warning about the dangers and traps, whoever likes things the harder way is free to do so.

I understand now you thought I was bashing your program, much by the contrary, I find it very useful. Actually I hope you help spreading than installing games in those folders is not recommended.
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FINAL EDIT! i got it working lol. i figured it out! Thanks a lot guys for the help. uhm but the question still stands for the pnatch converter from fuzzymillipede

lol holy cow! i was just asking a question about the cheat folder and i got a debate about where to install it lol. I found that pretty funny. <------ sorry if that sounded rude or ungrateful i really am grateful for the information. i never knew installing it into the program files is troublsome for games.

So as far as the cheat file goes the pnach file i just have to put it into the cheat folder? do i have to create this cheat folder? because at the moment i dont have one. If i do have to create the folder, how would i get pcsx2 to know where to get the files?

oh, also, can't i just drag and drop the pcsx2 folder from program files to c:/games and have it still work?

oh and fuzzymillipede thanks for the program i did read up on your program and started to use it. hence the question about where to put hte pnach file lol. i find your program to be pretty sweet and very useful! the only thing is when i add more cheats into it should i... just hit enter then put the cheat in? for example

xxxxx xxxxx(cheat 1)
aaaaa aaaaa(cheat 2)
Yes, vietbucky, although it would imply remaking the paths (the easier way would be deleting the pcsx2.ini and letting the program remake it). But the advise is for new installations mainly, to avoid repeating the same procedures and headaches just to get things working. Reinstalling PC games is much more painful.

About fuzzymillipede's program, it's a godsend in helping to create the pnach and his savegame editor is wonderful too. Sorry for involuntarily hijacking your thread.
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