help with pcsx2
Hi I have configured my pcsx2 with memory cards and a BIOS that works, but when I go to play my ratchet and clank 3, delivery and into the browser jumps me and I get 2 cards and hard, when I give the puck enters and again get out the ps2 browser and I can not come, please help me, my pc has 4gb ram 2.67 ghz intel i5 M480 processor and windows 7.

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Try System=>Boot CDVD (Fast)
I try it and nothing, when I enter in the game, It return to the menu with the memory cards and the game, I have using the european BIOS 2.20
1.What exactly are your settings
2.From where do you start the game image\disk
3.If it's image...mounted or by using the ISo Selector or Linuzappz ISO
4.What do you have set to CDVD menu...ISO,Plugin or No Disk

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