help with plugins
While running Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd on pcsx2(beta version), first everything works fine, the opening movie runs smooth and even the menu however, whenever I head into the battle starts getting choppy and slow. Would someone please tell me whats the best plugin config for the game to run faster(willing to sacrifice quality)

My system specs are:
Core Duo 2 4400 2 GHz
2 gigs of ram
Geforce 9800 GT OC


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you CPU is very slow (I have an E2200 @2.2, so yes, I know what I'm saying) you will have to low-ball the internal resolution. sacrifice looks for speed, if you REALLY want to play this game
I thought so thnx for the reply. I tried tweaking it to speed though its not rly working better at all. Could you please recommend a plugin to me and what speedhacks should i put on?
I have a whole thread of that. I started it myself and maintain it

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