help with star ocean 3
guys i am having trouble with this game...
i got the latest beta pcsx2 and the 1.7 gdsx

the game starts fine...but when i get to the battle simulator part and start the battle, the game wont work...

can anyone help?

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Try the latest GSDX and what does it say when it stops?
thats the thing it doesn't say anything... i mean the game starts fine, i am getting good fps(50-60). I can talk to people, run around etc. When I come to this part where I have to go through the battle tutorial(cant skip) I click "start the battle" and the screen goes black.
What is your settings? using any speedhacks?

Try to see if the pcsx2 console window says anything when that happens.
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i tried using some speed hack and as well tried using none..nothing on console window when that happens :/
everything works fine until that point..sigh
Could be a problem with the game, are you using a ISO? if so try remaking it or playing from the disc and if playing from the disc try making a ISO and run it from there.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
don't use microVU and any VU hack, Vucycle stealing and idle-loop fast-forward. use only gsdx 0.1.7 SSE3.
i've finished with PCSX2. this game want a good machine however.
And remember special fix for tri-ace games.
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i am playing star ocean 3
and i use soft render mode
it work well , fps 50~90
Quad 9450 @ 3.65Ghz

but i found a new problem , when i play to "Urssa Lava Cave" , i need press different "X" to play flute.
but i cant press weak "X" , only big "X"
anyone can help?
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saya1314520: Search this forum for this issue, it's been answered before.

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