here's a noob question...
hey guys, im having trouble understanding something... i keep reading people saying they are playing games with the latest plugin graphics (GSDX, etc etc) and with the "latest SVN"... i keep asking myself what is this svn thing people are talking about??? is it something that improves the graphic plugin or something? and where can i find the latest svn? thanks i advanced!

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SVN is a contraction for SubVersioN, the source code control system that the pcsx2 project uses to keep track of all the various changes that get made to the program by the various developers. When people talk about running an SVN build, usually it means they compiled it themselves from the source they checked out of the SVN repository themselves. You can access that through the link to the googlecode project page that Trigun gave above.

Occasionally, the mods also post a svn update build here on the forums, but at the moment, there hasn't been one released since the official release of 0.9.6, so there isn't one. When there is, it can be found in the "Pcsx2 official svn snapshots and plugins" thread.
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oooh ok i think i get it... so the latest one is the 0.9.6 then... so that means im up to date, hehe... thx guys for clearing this up!

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