hex editing save states
I have been having trouble with a few cheats not working the way I want in games so I tried to edit the save state...and got nowhere lol. It seems to be compressed or encrypted. I do not have much experience in this area the only other thing I have done hex editing on is KUF:circle of doom.

What would be the easiest and/or best way to extract the saves state alter it and rearchive it?

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Yes they are compressed...its a simple zip archive.
I can't help you with the other thing since I do my codes by scanning the pcsx2 memory(I use ArtMoney)
Do I need to add an extension to the file to extract it? After it is extracted do I have to order the bytes in any specific fashion? For example in a video I saw on this subject(older version when the save state system was different) after he extracted the file and converted the value he was gonna search. He had to reverse the order of the bytes for them to be in the correct order. (ex. dec 269-hex 06 17 to hex 17 06)
vsub, just curious, why ArtMoney over CheatEngine?
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You'll understand if you use it for a long time and then try to switch to Cheat Engine.
There are many thing that I don't find in CE or are much complicated to use in CE than in ArtMoney

This is what I can do with ArtMoney(don't remember anymore if some of those are also in CE)

The value of the cheats can be shown in hex or dec

The value can be edited in hex\dex while displaying the value(after editing)in the opposite

It can bypass protections

It can save\load current values(or the values you set)for the cheats and set them when you load the saved cheats

Can sort the cheats by 5 different criterias

You can rearrange manually the cheats

There are a lot of search methods
=,=>,<,,>,<=,<> than the value you set
Range value with any of the above methods
Sequence of values
For example if on some game the character stats are in addresses like this
20000000 00000005
20000001 00000007
20000002 00000006
20000003 00000002

you can just search for 5,7,6 and 2 and it will find the code(it can also be every 2 addresses or 4 and so on)

Coded Value(something like unknown)

By using memory dump
By Structure
By Formula
By Pointer

The type can be integer 1,2,3,4,8 float 4,6,8,10 searching for text,reverse byte order,both reverse and normal at the same time

From address to address
Emulator mode(can automatically convert the finded codes to the actual codes the emulator use)

Searching only odd\even\multiple of 4\8\16 addresses

Freeze selected cheats
Set value to the selected cheats
Set a value to the selected cheats and increase the value to the other with whatever value you want

Freeze modes...the value can't be changes,the value can only increase,the value can only decrease,the value can change between fro example 5 to 100

Can set hokey for every cheat or all at once.
One key to freeze address
One key to unfreeze address
Two keys to set custom value
Two keys to increase\decrease the value by set number(I use this a lot)

Memory Viewer and many more functions

Oh and btw,ArtMoney can also search files and directories,not just processes

It's just a lot more easier(at least to me)to use ArtMoney than CheatEngine

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