hey man, it's green ?!
Hi everybody!

I've download/installed, etc the emulator recently and i've got a little "green" problem with God of War... see below :

[Image: sgreen.jpg]

i've this problem only when i use "run>execute". When i use "File>Run CD/DVD" the game work correctly...but in english (i'm french and i want it in french^^")

i use an European BIOS v01.60 and my graphic plugin is GSdx 890 (SSE2)

Any idea to solve this problem?

Thanks Wink

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did you update your emu to the latsest beta and latest plugins pack (feb 2010)
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I also got this problem,but now its solved......this is becoz of ur gsdx plugin ur using.....download latest gsdx plugin with pcsx2 r1888....and for white spooky! shadow u use FFX hack by software render......................................this result in decrease of speed in GOW

sorry for poor englishTongue
my spec-:

CPU-: intel cor2duo E7500 2.93 Ghz
GPU-: no external card...intel chipset 265 mb
Thanks, i've dl the beta version and it work now but...

the only one way to play with the beta version is ISO? i've tried to put gigahertz's plugin to read the cd normally but it does'nt seem to work (the screen freeze at "sony computer entertainement presents")

ISO is ok but 7Go+...
try older cd/dvd plugin of gigahrz........it will work
If you're using the beta revision of cdvdGigaherz in the PCSX2 0.9.6 version it won't work, you will have to use the older Gigaherz plugin.

ISO will be the best way to play it anyway, gigaherz may give you some trouble later on.
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