hi all
i am new to this ps2 emulator stuff, i just recently downloaded the pcsx2 0.9.6 and have some complications with it. someone said that you have to have different configuration for different computers but i thought i would ask experts on this situation.

thank you for reading my message

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what game??? what PC specs you have???
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im trying to run red faction 1
i have a dell inspiron 531, 2g ram, 2.21 GHz, AMD sempron processor and running windows xp
you won't get anywhere with that pc.
It's far below recommended requirements.
even if it runs, it'll be unplayable.
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im pretty sure i can run it, ive played dawn of war and all sorts of high graphic games with ease and no lag
You're pretty wrong. Unfortunately PS2 emulation requires a very fast computer.
PC games can't be compared to PS2 emulation.
actually youre pretty wrong because i have a friend with a computer same 2g of ram, running the same processor and os and he has no problem playing this emulator

also i would like to add i have played xbox emulators on this same computer

what is slow about my computer i have the same amount of ram as one of the previous posters
Well Muke, I don't feel like doing this old discussion with you.
You clearly don't know what you're talking about anyway.

Read the guides for PCSX2 configuration, understand what you're doing, then if
you still have issues you can open a new thread.

Thank you.

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