hi newbie here pls help me thnx!
hi just downloaded a pcsx2 and its the latest version, i donwloaded such as bios plugins lilypads, the problem is here in the pcsx2 output it says on a red color font " SPU2X something system null" forgot the exact words of it and also dunno how to get an elf file im dying to play Super Robot Wars Alpha series on PS2 anyway i downloaded an SRW Alpha 3 game for ps2 the problem is how do i play it? sorry too noob to use PCSX2 and help will be appreciated thnx

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...in fact, if you don't own a PS2 & a game, it's illegal...

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Quote:i donwloaded such as bios
Quote:i downloaded an SRW Alpha 3 game

Did you read the forum rules before posting ?
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Dude,downloading is illegal. Busted
Read our rules, no piracy talk or support in these forums.
Closed and warned.
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