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hi there guys, i have some questions to ask you guys
hello, i have just downloaded the new PCSX2 0.97 version and PCSX2 0.97 (R3113) Binaries (i've never use ps2 emulator before, this is my first time to use ps2 emulator). i then extract the god of war 2 iso file from my god of war 2 dvd and run it. when the battle starts, the emulator runs the game pretty slow, its only about half the normal speed. why is this happen? is that because my pc isnt powerful enough to handle the game? here is my pc detail: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, CPU speed 3.010 ghz, 3.25G RAM, graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT. are they enough to run god of war 2 in normal speed? and one more question, when i play dynasty warriors 5 empires, after the battle starts 1 sec, the game stucks and i couldnt do anything to make it move and work again, but the music is still there. i have no choice but shutdown the emulator. could anyone please tell me what to do to solve these problems, thank you very much for your help. ^_^

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For the first case you'll need speed hacks. Try first EE cyclerate one step right and VU cycle stealing 2 steps, change from that as needed or to what give you a better taste of playing.

The second issue is commonly due to the way PS2 manages the float point operations, so you should try the clamps and rounding modes until finding one that allows you to pass the critical point. They probably will reduce performance and you'll need to choose if keep or return them to default once these points are passed.

Since I don't have these specific games I can't be more specific about the recommendations, still they are known troublemakers from reports I have seen. You really should search for specific threads about them, you'll find many all over the forum.
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thanks dude, although i dont know what is EE cyclerate and VU cycle is. i am completely a newbie
hmm, They are in the "Config" tab under "Emulation settings" ... speed hacks will be in... Speedhacks and the modes in EE/IOP and VUs tabs.
Imagination is where we are truly real
oh thanks, i'll take a look^_^
ah damn, it still doesnt work. the ps2 emulator is too complex to use, i should find the user guide and read first

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