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hmmm.strange things in c++
what does it means? Huh

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You sure you downloaded the entire source? I know I had problems with the SVN a couple days ago with it timing out and only receiving part of the source.

Try updating from the SVN again and see if it fixes that.
i am using tortoise svn since i downloaded the c++ from microsoft with a sticky thread in the forum , what should i do?
Right click the folder you used to download the source with tortoise svn then click "Update SVN" and it will download any missing files.
same thing
express doesn't support adding to those folders, its normal, don't worry about it.
what version should i buy
vs08e works fine for pcsx2 (but not gsdx) if youu want to get a PRO version you could try 2010 for free for almost a year in beta you may have some minor compile problems though. my personal advice is to stick to 08e, other than gsdx all compiles fine.

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