horizontal lines in silent hill 2
hi guys i have litte problem with silent hill 2. when i play it with upscale resolution of 1680x1050 i geht with lines i dont know how i can remove this lines i hope you can help me with my problem.

p.s sry for my english Laugh

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trying using unscale point line hack in opengl hardware mode. if not then you have no choice but to play on native, things get misaligned with upscaling due to the nature of the hardware.

tho from the looks of the screenshot. I could deal with the lines cause its only minor
[Image: xckarn-5.png]
where can i find this hack ?
Also are you using the latest git version? They have a lot of bugs fixed. Using OpenGL is also recommended.
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are you using the latest GIT? Then look at the attachment.

When you are using x2 or more that option becomes checkable. I just don't have it upscaled as I'm not using the emulator that much atm. Everything is on my ps2 right now.

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[Image: xckarn-5.png]
thank you guys it worked for me i downloaded the latest git version the lines shoed again altought i used the unscale line option but after that i set it to 8xnative and it worked thanks a lot Laugh

p.s sry for my english

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