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hotkeys for switching audio synchronizing ?
hi guys ...
i have a question about audio synchronizing in SPU2-X ...
i usually enjoy playing some games in a higher FPS than 60 so i set the audio synchronizing option in SPU2-X settings to (Async Mix) to make the sound still listenable (is that a word? anyway), that's until an FMV starts ...
some games have FPS drops for a slight seconds which are more than enough to make the audio and video go out of sync ...
that's i'm aware of, so is there a way to switch audio synchronizing options (Async Mix to Time Stretch and vice versa) when on game (via hotkey or something)? ...

thanks ...

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nothing ?
as far as i can tell nope
(01-10-2011, 02:35 PM)orchlon Wrote: as far as i can tell nope
oh well ...
thanks for the reply anyway Laugh ...

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