how do I use mouse and keyboard controls?
I went into the controller setup menu, and set all my keybindings using mouse and keyboard, and it just doesn't work. I open a game, and mouse/kb don't do anything. What am I missing?

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Open PCSX2. goto LilyPad Configuration. and re-configure your keys in PAD1.

TRy changing the Input API for KeyBoard and Mouse. say, DirectInput.

Give SSSPSXPad Plugin a try.
I could use the mouse with the Nuvee plugin (Works quite well with Dirge of Cerberus Smile
hmm. i managed to get the keyboard working with direct input. It just seems like i can't get the game window to capture the mouse. i always just have the arrow on the screen, and the mouse won't control the game.
There is a RawInput too. Try it if it works for you. Smile
I've tried every mouse input option. Nothing. The problem is definitely that the game window won't capture the mouse. Even with the game running, my mouse curser is clearly separate from the window, and out doing its own thing. Even if I full-screen, the mouse curser shows up on the screen, and won't control the game. I've had this with other emulation programs before, but there's usually a command somewhere to capture the mouse, so that it's working in the window, rather than outside. Anyone know how to do this?
Read my post about Dirge of Cerberus. It has a link towards the Nuvee Plugin which actually works quite well Smile Also that plugin is for USB Keyboards and Mice only.
Yeah, nuvee won't work either. For usb mice only? Does that mean a wireless mouse with a usb receiver won't work?
It'll work, since my mouse is through a bluetooth dongle Smile
Yeah, nothing seems to be working. The game window won't capture the mouse.

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