how do i restore the graphics window when i close itt?
i accidentally closed the graphics window while in the middle of a project.

the program is still running but i cant close it to get the graphics window open again.

is there any way to RESTORE the graphics window while the program is still running?

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Rebuild your project and run it again. Place some break points if neccessary.
i closed the game window. but the black window - the one that shows the logs and the processes is still going. i could even still HEAR the game with that window open. i need to know if there is anything i can do with just the log window to restore the visuals, the game itself. without closing the program altogether.
I'm really confused about what's going on here. When you close the "graphics" window, the emulation is supposed to end.

If you still here the sound, you can forcefully terminate it by ending the process "pcsx2-rxxxx.exe" in Task Manager.

After you've done that, I can't recommend anything else than to just start your game again, because as far as I'm aware, there no way to "recover" the game after you close the window. Sorry.

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Have you tried:
system > resume.


For me, closing the window with the output on it just pauzes it, so I can just resume and the screen comes back Smile
If you still hear the music, first pauze it, then resume.
If you're using PCSX2 0.9.6 or older then nothing you can do but to close the console window and start again, if you're using 0.9.7/0.9.8 then just do "System > Resume" a couple times in the main PCSX2 window.
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