how do i speed up game a bit
my laptop is alienware 17, 32gb ram and nvidia geforce gtx 880m graphics card and the graphics card has 8gb ram. i am using pcsx2 v1.4.0

i am playing dirge of cerebrus. 

this is the gpu plug in that i selected:-

what is the difference between them? they are all the same to me and i didnt see any difference. which is the best one for gpu and do i have it?

this is what i put for graphics:-

i had to put native for internal resolution. if i put 2x or higher then black gridlines will appear in cutscenes in the game

i made sure that pcsx2 uses my nvidia card and not the intel card (i have dual cards)

during cutscenes the fps is fine and it is not choppy at all. the problem is in the gameplay. it is running in slow motion a bit. for example the fps is 70% then it drops to 45% then it goes to 50%

the music is not too smooth and it sound like it is in slow motion

for example i can fire a machine gun in the game. machine gun does rapid fire but it doesnt sound like rapid fire

pressing turbo boost button doesnt help

i know there are lags and it slows down in parts that are graphics intensive but my laptop is powerful and it should handle graphic intensive parts ok

i tried enabling MTvu speedhack. not much difference. i even disabled speedhacks. same. my power plan is set to performance.

can i speed up the fps?

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1. download the Git version it is a lot more up to date faster and some visual improvements.

2. I am going to assume your laptop is using a i7 4700mq since it looks to be the version on the alienware 17 with the 880m (please correct if wrong -- also side note the CPU information is one of the most important for emulation more so then GPU). This being said you should use the AVX version of the GSDX since it is more optimized for the faster paths your CPU can do. (even the 4.1 would be better to use unless your CPU just can use it)

3 The Black lines are issue with hardware mode and FMVs you can either press F9 to switch modes, or under game fixes check software mode for FMVs (a lot of games have this issue)

4. Graphically (or any other type) intensive emulated games use a lot of CPU power not GPU power (though they can use quite a bit of GPU power as well depending on settings and other factors) so your laptop is ok but not particularly powerful if you do have a i7 4700MQ since it's single threaded performance is above the normal recommended performance level but under the level for highly demanding titles.

What are the % numbers next to EE and GS during the slowdowns? (they show up at the top of the screen in window mode)
Try 1-3 and see if it helps any and if not answer the question at number 4 and if possible post a log.
(10-08-2017, 08:45 AM)jesalvein Wrote: Please post the contents of the emulog.txt file after the problem occurs. The file can be found in "My Documents\PCSX2\logs" for the installer version or in "PCSX2\logs" for the portable/binary version.
u are correct about the processor. mine is 2.9ghz

i selected the avx2

i disabled speedhacks

later on i will try git version

this is pic for framerate:-

is this speed ok?

it is mostly in fps 80% and sometimes it drops under 80%
Your EE is pegged at 99% that is generally a sign that your CPU can not keep up. Try the Git version to see if maybe some on the changes help out otherwise there is probably not going to be a lot you can do to increase your speed in this game (other games may run a little better). There might be some speed hacks we can try, but odds are they will break things more then help the speed.
the git didnt make that much of a difference. it is ok. thanks Smile

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