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how show FPS and change GUI language

Please, I already tried to look in in the forum and google but didn't find an answer.

First, I want to change the language of the PCSX2 GUI but couldn't find any option in the menus. Do I have to edit some file or reset all configurations to default so I can get the wizard screen again ?

Second, How can I get the FPS in the screen while playing so I can monitor the performance ? I found out that the FPS is shown in the top window bar but is there a way to show it in the screen so when I play in Full-screen I will be able to see it ?


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If you want to change language edit PCSX2_ui.ini and change LanguageCode=english to what other you wish to change to can just set to LanguageCode=default to set it as your windows language(as long as the translation is available). Resetting will help too, you can still use/import existing config after reset.

For FPS inside GS plugin window, currently GSdx can't do it afaik not really sure why as such feature wouldn't probably be hard to add(edit after some thinking desu: I guess it wouldn't be soo simple either, different way to render for different renderer with dx9 probably easy, but for others I have no idea and yeah ummm desu O.o) . ZeroGS and probably also ZZ Ogl can do that, but they aren't soo compatible. You can probably use fraps or similar program to get fps reading inside GSdx window anyway.

Thank you very much miseru99 .

Regarding the reset, How can i import my current config after "Clear all settings.." ? Is there a way to export it ?
Well if you keep your ini's/configuration in default folder, after "clearing all settings" and using default, you'll only need to choose plugins, but their config isn't cleared by this option, and maybe apply speedhacks if you need them, but that's like 2 clicks and usually is changed for each game anyway. There is also option to import existing settings when you reset config which will save everything, but then it'll import your previous language setting too and you don't want that.
"Exporting settings" doesn't really need any option, just backup your "inis" folder, by default it's
and restore if you want, but that's all settings including gui language.
If you really feel like simple choosing plugins and applying speedhacks you used is troublesome, just edit that ini manually it's simple - really.
Like I said use notepad to open PCSX2_ui.ini (by default in above folder) look inside for
and change it to any of the below:
where default = OS language(only among existing translations), all the rest is currently supported languages took from the latest pcsx2/langs folder, can be shorter for the 0.9.8.
great, thanks

and yes, if the plugins configs don't reset the rest is easy Smile

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