how to at least run my little game?
hello to all who are reading this, my pc is kinda weak but i only want to play that Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, even if a bit slow, sorry my english
what are the best settings for that in the emulator??

my pc:

CPU: PENTIUM DUAL-CORE E5700 3.00GHz (a two core trash)
Op. System: 32bits
my video board is like a Geforce 9500 GT

thanks for now

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Near impossible to get playable speeds on that with this game sadly.

It's actually more heavy on PC's than people think, your best bet would be to just play it on your PS2
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I once had an E7500 or was it E7200 CPU and I can tell u from my my experience there is really not much that CPU can do
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And to add to that, Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, is not one of the easiest games to emulate
You will probably get more fps if you use the latest beta because I remember some fix was added to snowblind games(Baldur's Gate)
that system will not be able to run any snowblind game smoothly. they are cpu and gpu intensive

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