how to "copy" a patch file for another game?
hey everyone

my english is not the best, but i hope i can clearly explain my problem

i'm playing smackdown shut your mouth recently, and it works fine

i have a pnach patch file for this game

i wanted to use some cheats for this game

so i used codebreaker v10

it worked perfect with pcsxe 0.9.7

but when SYM is booted, the game crashes at the title screen, i assume the reason is that pcsxe doesn't load any patches because they aren't any patches for the codebreaker disc

so, how can i copy the patch file, so that it will work for the codebreaker disc too?

the codebreaker crc is: 5207cca3

i've attatched my shut your mouth pnach file

hope you guys can help me

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.pnach   B0AE1898.pnach (Size: 182 bytes / Downloads: 671)

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Download this program:
Download this program:

The first program converts codes from Action Replay, Gameshark and Codebreaker into raw format. The other program opens your pnatch file and converts the raw into a patch. It's worked great for me.

To use the first program:
First you find codes you want. Lets say you use Action Replay 2.1;
You select your code and copy it over to the first window in Maxconvert
After that you choose from the drop down window the type of code you're using. In this case you would choose AR2v1/GS2v1.
Now that you entered the code and chosen what type of code you hit the convert button. This converts the code from Action Replay to RAW.

Now that you have the raw code ready, open up the other program.
First you need to use the "Open Cheat File" button and find where you put the pnatch folder and choose your pnatch file.
Secondly you put the RAW code you just converted into the left side window on the program and press the "convert" button and then the "save" button.

If the code you selected was correct, the cheat should now work! Have fun Smile
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well, that was not exactly what i asked for.. but maybe that will help too, thx

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