how to limit frames?
ive been messing around with all the features this wonderful emulator has to offer and finally got my frames to a reasonable 60+ to play games
and not the issue is how to i keep them at 60?

i tried to mess with the frame limiting....

its on but still go above the frames....even with all the 3 adjustments set to 100.

the game im messing around with the settings on is jak and dexter precursor.

-any help would be awesome

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Do you mean your frames go above 60? By how much are we talking?
it ranges from 50~90 frames depending on the scene.....(using speed hack to get it up)

and when it get to 70 the audio sounds to whiny and annoying.

but why would that matter? i tried even setting the frames limitters to 5% and still no difference.
And you're sure you have the "disable framelimiting" box UNchecked?
yup, which is what i thought would cause it. but im honestly uncertain whats causing it....but i messed with a few settings and its staying at an average 60 FPS so i should be fine now.

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