how to make emulator run better?
OK. PLEASE HELP! I'm on mac.

i download crash twin sanity and it was like 900 mb when i downloaded it, now is 2 GB. is it possible that the game is bad or is it my emulator? my emulator constantly has problems and i have to restart it a lot. the cutscenes run normally in crash, but the actual gameplay and some cutscenes lag horribly, like 20 fps and its unplayable. the sound disappears too. pleeeease help, i am planning on downloading ratchet and clank 2 and i really want it to run well. how can i speed up my fps and all that, because i have a hard time going through the configuration!! I'm using pcsx2 0.9.6 and its the beta version for mac. if i download ratchet and clank 2, will the performance be better or different? and i have a problem with the memory card. its constantly getting corrupted and i have to reformat it each time i open a game.

pleeeeeeease awnser these questions and my email is [email protected]

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