how to make pcsx2 autorun iso
Hi guys : I 'm a new member here
I have a question About pcsx2
How to make it automatically opens the game from shotcut
I tried to do this But this message appears to me
[Image: 2WCK1.png]
When closed it This message appears
[Image: vlrb1.png]
Thank you guys

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run as administrator?
Thank you Saiki But the same problem happen
post what shortcut, etc you are using
First, thanks for the help you wonderful
Secondly, I do not have any kind of experience in the program pcsx2
Third, I just want to know how make Program PCSX2 0.9.8 autorun the game And the things that he needs to make he autorun the game
Thank you very much
Please help
What do you mean by autorun.
Is the game mounted,what CDVD mode are you using(Iso or Plugin)...if it's plugin,are you using Linuzappz ISo or Gigahertz
I use iso
That was one really long and informative answer.

According to the error message,you are using CDVD=>Plugin mode.
If you are using Linuzappz ISO to load the image while the image is mounted,you will get that error.
If pcsx2 crashed,there is a chance that the process still exist in task manager and if you try to run pcsx2 again and if you use Gigahertz to load the image,you will get that error
Thank you for your help and I'm sorry for not explanatory in my words Because I'm from Egypt
And I can not speak much English
Pleasure to meet you Thank you

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