how to play .iso files
i need to know how to configure the emulator to play .iso files because using my dvd-rom i get a lot of lag can some1 tell me how please step-by-step

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I assume you already made the .iso file if not I recommend using a program like ImgBurn to create an Image file of the disc. When that is done in your PCSX2 go to the "config > configure" menu then in the Cdvdrom part choose "Linuz Iso CDVD" as plugin and Accept/OK the changes, then simply run a game with "File > Run CD/DVD" and thru the window that opens choose the Image file you made of the game.
thnx i did what you said and it really worked now i can play ultimate ninja 4 thnxxxxxxxx
can i ask you something if i buy a joypad with an usb cable what plugin should i use
well you can use SSSPSX or Lilypad(most compatible) Smile
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
ill use LilyPad as soon as i pay a game pad

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