how to run game in win7- homebasic
i cannot run pcsx2 in my laptop... i m having 64bit windows7(home basic), 500 GB HDD, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB ATI graphic me if u can

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I can only help if you give up more information. "I cannot run Pcsx2"? This tells me nothing.

What version of PCSX2?
Does the program launch? Are there errors? Does it immediately crash? Does it crash when you load the game?
What Game? Is it just that the speed is very slow? What is your processor?
Are you using Speedhacks? Are you using native resolution? Have you messed with settings that you don't rightfully know the affect of?

Help me (help you).
this is pointless if you not show us your CPU(brand,model,codename) and your ATI card what model no??? 4xxx? 5xxx? or 6xxx?
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