how to solve this issue in MGS3 plz
hi guys

i have MGS 3 Substance..i know even with powerfull rig
u get slowdown till sombody fix this..anyway

now im out from the jungle and reached the Mountins..since i start in
Mountins..its just SLOWMOTION..ALL SLOW DOWN..only when i reached
mountins and fighting with helicopters..

help plz
My PC:-
i7 950 oc 4ghz
GTX 780 sc
RAM 16 gb

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Are you running it from ISO or disk?

EDIT: You sure you haven't accidentally enabled slow motion...? (SHIFT+TAB switches between slow motion and normal).
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no bro..i dont mean slowmotion..i mean the game is great full playble 60FPS
there's some slowdowns in cutscens and this's normal for the emulator..but
the problem is when i reach Mountin..its sooo slow..just slowing down all thie Mountin level
its the best level and slowing..

any fix bro?
My PC:-
i7 950 oc 4ghz
GTX 780 sc
RAM 16 gb
what is your CPU temperatures during slowed down event.
since you OCed your i7 it make sense that spike heat.
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