how to use my savefile in epsxe to pcsx2
I need my savefile from suikoden2(epsxe) in my new game at suikoden3(pcsx2) for added features... I've been following these instructions, and got stuck at 1. I don't see any "RAW single save" in the drop down menu in 'save as'. Can someone guide me on this, or could anyone just convert it for me? thanks

1.Download your save for that game(I see that all of the saves at GameFaq are .gme format).So download the save,start MemcardRex and open that gme file.Right click on the save inside MemcardRex and use the Export command(the link save is combined into the exported file so no worries).On the Save as type choose from the drop down menu "RAW single save" and save.

2.Open PS2 Save Builder and click on the first button to create a new save.Now drag-drop the raw save that you exported to the builder window and for the Root/ID use exactly the same name as the raw file and save as .max for example

3.Finally Open mymc-gui,a window will pop-up asking which pcsx2 memory card you want to load.Choose your card and use the second icon(or File=>Import)and choose the .max save that you create

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The Memory Card you have attached is EMPTY or appears EMPTY when opened by MemcardRex.

Nothing to do here.
huh... i tried it. i used the last save from gamefaqs texted...

"Suikoden II last save at L'Renouille ready for final battle. (Save ready for Suikoden III). All 108+ stars. (including all squirrels, squids etc.) EVERY characters level at 99 with max stats. & custom party which includes McDohl & two special characters."

probably what you want. right?!?

try it. if it's not working i could still try the ps3 virtual mc save. Wink

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