I tried to download PCSX2 for mac, version 0.9.6, but the website is down?
Are there any other links or mirrors to get the latest files?

Thanks. Smile

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I have the same problem..
Yesterday I discovered there was a mac version of pcsx2 and I would really love to see this working! So any thoughts on when (if) the website will be up again would be very welcome Smile I can't wait to try this out!

Thanks for helping.
Hmm no idea. I guess we should start having a mirror here over
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(03-20-2010, 06:32 PM)Bositman Wrote: Hmm no idea. I guess we should start having a mirror here over

Until then, I've put up the latest version of PCSX2 I downloaded at I believe it's the most recent Mac version with the most recent plugins included (no bios).
that's really weird, i didn't get any notification whatsoever. I'm investigating this...
I've no idea why it was suspended and i didn't get any explanations but it's up again
Weird Wacko I'll opt for a new tab in our downloads section named "ports" where we could have downloads for the linux and mac ports Smile
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Same problem here. Probably you guys could have mirrors on hotfile and rapidshare.
working fine here Wink

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