i am having a minor issue playing game it works but...
on smackdown games i can do 1 on 1 match

when i do 4 man i get a little bit of slowdown/lag it goes to 90%
then when i do 6 man matches it goes to 80% and my cpu is being used at 90%

is there a way to fix this? i tried set the presetting to 3/4/5 and couldnt get fixed.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840T 2.9 GHz
Memory: 12 GB
1 TB Hard Drive
Graphics Card: NVidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti

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Your cpu don't meet the recommended single threaded performance for most games(especially 3d with many moving objects)
The recommended STP score is 1600 but you cpu score is 1259

The best you could do is use speed hacks but if that don't help,then you are out of luck(you need more powerful cpu...your gpu is ok)
ok how do i use speed hacks can you help me? also what is STP score?
(05-27-2020, 01:14 AM)masterpaul Wrote: anyone?
1st, don't expect people to respond back right away.  We all have lives, jobs, etc.  So you need to show some patience.
2nd.  STP stands for single thread performance.  If your CPU falls under 2000, then it can suffer from lag with certain games (ie, 3d games are pretty demanding). Yours is around 1240, which is really low.

You can go to this website to see how different CPU's rank

Windows 11 64 bit OS
Intel Core i7-10700
Geforce RTX 2060 6GB
ok sorry about that so anyone know how i can do speedhack to help the game? its not lagging terribly but just a little bit like its at 80%
If you tried the presets and it didn't work then there is nothing you can do,you cpu is not powerful enough
(05-27-2020, 03:34 AM)vsub Wrote: If you tried the presets and it didn't work then there is nothing you can do,you cpu is not powerful enough

oh ok so what would be the best cheapest processor to get?

I also want to buy one that is recommended for wwe 2k20 so i can play that game.

Processor: Intel Core i5-3550 / AMD FX 8150 this is for minmum settings

Processor: Intel Core i7 3770 / AMD FX-8350 this is recommended

what would be the best option for me i dont want to spend a ***** but have something that can run wwe 2k20
and my ps2 games perfectly?
For pc games you will also need better gpu
GTX 750TI is good but I don't know but you may have to reduce your settings

To play PS2 games "perfectly",none of those cpus will be enough for all games and older amd cpu have lower single threading performace
Between both intel cpus,3770 is a little bit better for anything other than emulation

Look at the link envisaged0ne posted
The higher the score,the better it will perform
I can play all of my games on a cpu with 1800stp but there are some that need more power and those games are known that they need more powerful cpu
ok yeah i been asking around my cpu is about 9 years old and they said it uses the old am2+/am3 socket and im gonna have to get a used old processor. what processor would be the best upgrade for my cpu that has the 1600?

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