i fix the slomo problem and its accurate now but why is it lagging?
can someone help me bout the lag problem.. yesterday its like slow~~mo~~.. but i fixed it by changing the fps thingy to 9999 and i changes the cylethingy to x3 i can play it now but its a bit lag sometimes and sometimes totally lag... well sometimes it smoth and all but can some one help me with this.. the game im playing is kh2

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Get a better PC thingy.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Cycle thingy is breaking emulation lots. Make VU thing also enabled and it goes super kaputt.
We need more settings thingies to break PCSX2!
[Image: 774509.png]
lol; I may be dreaming, but I'd rather 100% clean, 100% accurate & 100% fast/optimized code xD
Edit: I mean, why break stuff when the devs can take time to fix stuff in their own un-paid pcsx2 work?
Edit2: But I do usually leave BIF something hax on for example...enabling other hax isn't worth breaking compatibility in my opinion. Although I'm fairly used to things running slow in the past.
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