i have a problem with the emulator
hi!, mi name is maxi and im new to the forums, i have read the rules and a whole lot of threads but i couldnt find an answer for my problem.
i can get the program to start and everithing works fine, but when i try to run the game from the cd/dvd opcion in "run" it just shows a black screen for a little period then it exits the programme with out any error mesagges or anithing, ive tryed diferent settings and opcion in all of the fields and still it wont work, the game im trying to run is shadow of the colossus and my pc especs are the next
cpu speed:2.1ghz x3core, amd phenom 8450, 2gb ddr2 ram, and the video card is an nvidia gforce 9500gt 512 mb ddr2
if you could help my with this little inconvinient it would be much apreciated.
iven trying to play this game for a while now and its getting frustrating
thanks in advance and forgive any spelling mistakes, english is not mi primary lenguage
lots o loves -MaxI-

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Did you setup your plugins correctly, and do you have a working BIOS?
i think i might have, and i have the bios that come with the download, yes ive tryed with the sound plug in, no sound, diferent opcions,the cdvd all that could have been botering and everithing else in diferent settings and it still does not work
We do not allow for piracy. Get your own bios from your own ps2. And get the emulator from our site instead of from some p2p program....

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