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i have an idea
To be honest, I'm glad you guys on focusing on the PS2. It's probably the overall best console ever made =)
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(04-03-2009, 10:20 PM)cottonvibes Wrote: theres a c++ port of the java psp emu being worked on here:
its a complete W.I.P. so its not as far along as the java one.

yaya. psp emu on pc and preserved hardware of my original PSP lol (will have to wait for it to get better)
i hope the code finish quickly
wonder if it needs some kind of bios thing. and I wonder how they implimented that
i have demo version i download it from the net if you need to see it i will send it to you to know more information about the emulator
for saiki i found this page now see it
thanks, I'd searched the java one a while ago, I just kept my mouth shut about it cause java doesn't run so well on vista for some stupid reason (well, at least for me anyway)
the problem is the program is not complete until now

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