i have problems with pcsx2 0.9.7 svn2052
this version it's 50% more faster then beta r-1888
but it's not working with Fight Night Round 3
in console i have this error "Has no Metalbin" and "DecSet Write:00"
and shut down the emulator
on this version svn2052 i use super vu recompiler at CPU
at GS/video it's nothing,probabile it's a beta for pcsx2 0.9.7
speed hacks i have 1 at EE cyclerate and 2 at VU cycle stealing
and graphic GSdx 2051

i wait help from you,anybody,somebody
same problem on fight night round 2004,with decset write:00

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Uh...it's not released to the public yet. It even says so on the main page. So either revert back to r1888 or live with it, because the new one is just not ready yet. It's a hit or a miss.
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There is no official support given to SVN releases... that said, the least you can do is update to the latest SVN (2277) since that is at least current and slightly more stable. Just remember that until the new GUI is complete, there are going to be a lot of problems with the emulator in general and if you can't handle those problems on your own, your best bet is still version 1888.
ok,thanks,i will wait the oficial version
i give you a pm stefano

shadow it's very faster believe me
i tested r 1888 and svn 2052 on the wwe smackdown vs raw series
this series are special,if in the ring it's more then 2 wrestlers,the speed will be more and more slowly
on wwe 2010 with 4 wrestlers in ring(battle royal)on r1888(with the best settings for my pc) the speed were verry slowly(45-55% increase-decrease,100%=50 fps on this game) and with svn2052 the speed were acceptable(65% stable)
my mistake,it were wwe 2010,on wwe2009 r1888 has 75-78% and 2052 has 80-85% with 4 wrestlers
has a plus of options and in a section GS/video is blank,it will be another options
so i will wait the oficial 0.9.7,it will be awesome
in 2-3 years this program it will be like a console
Where did you get it put a link so we all can see what are you talking about.
No links here, stefano.
pcsx2 0.9.7 svn2052 faster? i not sure, maybe on some games? i completely sure what r1888 more stable and speed faster, yes some games work only on ZZ ogl plugin and we use latest beta Smile
does anyone now where can i get pcsx2 0.9.7 svn2052
Use google or compile it yourself, we dont allow links to unofficial builds here.

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