i just cant seem too get it too work :(
ok i am soooo confused now, for some reason i cant seem too get pcsx2 to run right it either runs for about 10 mins before it crashes and does that wonderful clicking noise with the audio, or it runs high to low rapidly and then crashes or it crashes and does the blue screen of death where is tell me the clock on the sec processor is out of wack and then it does a forced physical memory dump, and ive heard dont know if its true or not that pcsx2 can trigger a crash in ur system if it get warm???? well heres my specs athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4200+ 2.20 ghz, 3 gb ram,32 bit operating system, with a nvidia geforce 9400 gt graphic card, ive updates my bios, and drivers just now and still it does the same things, ive installed a AMD Dual-Core optimizer that someone here said i should try and still nothing Sad i just want too play my favorite ps2 games, i can play dreamcast just fine and lot of gamecube games but i just cant seem too play ps2 without it giving me a headache, so help please Sad ill take any info that can make this emulator work lol thanks again for your help

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