i looking to playing this game on my....

i have
Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.333 Ghz
4 GB Ram
Geforce 9400 GT.

i looking to play
Super Robot Taisen MX & Z
Metal Gear Solid 3

i know what do you think of that
i know there is a thread for this, but i want to know for These Games

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Don't have any super robot taisen PS2 games... but judging from similar PS2 games (I have a gundam seed game that plays just like the super robot wars games) it will play pretty well. Even if not perfectly, it doesn't matter as much since it's completely turn based.

MGS3 will run like utter garbage on that computer though. That game has problems on top of the line PCs and is generally still pretty buggy in the emulator anyways (random crashes, broken save states, falling off the face of the earth, etc)
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*SRW-Z shall work fair enough on your rig
*MGS3 and SRW-MX might not enough to attain full speed it still more CPU and GPU power
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even i lowing the settings ? it's right that playing at high quality is great
but in Pcsx2 i don't care, just want to be happy even in very low
just tell that all of these will work fine at low setting
Most PS2 games require massive amounts of CPU power (by todays standards). That CPU is on the low end for the emulator. The recommended system is 3.2ghz dual core or higher.
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oh i'm sorry i didn't mention the model, Q8200 2.333 Ghz
but i read many review in the web, all they gave it 5 stars (the sites and users)
they said it's perfect for games,internet,multimedia,etc....
You are right, but it's perfect (not so much anymore) for PC games internet etc. The PS2 is a complete different ballgame. Not only does your one CPU have to emulate the PS2's (count them) MULTIPLE processors, (and they have to be in sync and perfect timing) but it also has to run your other programs and OS in the background.

PCSX2 is optimized for Dual Core CPU's (not Quads, unless you use software rendering and set it to 3 or more threads...and even then you need a 3Ghz+ Quad to get 60Fps.) but those cores need to have a high clock speed. PCSX2 needs raw clock power, and if you have the instruction set, it will be easier as well.

Because your CPU needs to "Emulate" (mimic) an already very complex piece of hardware, and manage other programs, OS'es etc is the reason why you won't get full speed in most games without speed hacks. And even then, the game(s) would be broken in some cases (that's even if the speed hacks give you a safe boost in speed).

You can try to OC your CPU for more clock speed, but be aware your mainboard needs to support it. You will also need a powerful PSU and a good after market cooler. Also, not every CPU is a good Overclocker.
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Q8200 perfect?? ROTFL. This procesor was a first quad and it was a failure, it has to low cache meory for quad CPU and it results in lags when he needs 4 core like in GTA IV, not much visible but it does ...
your PC is tipical supermarket Crap .. crappy q8200 + gf9400 with 1gb memory which card cant utilize at all ... probably with g31 mobo and no name PSU

Rest is as decode said.
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Core E5200 with a GF9500GT, that's so much better isn't it?

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Guys, ease up on the rig-bashing before this thread becomes a flame war.
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