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i need help
hi, i am new to pcsx2 but i have played 2 different types of emulators b4 so i sorta hav an idea about them. when i go to the configuration screen, everything works normal. when i open my bios directory, it comes up with the bios' i have. i got to configure the controls & i do all of the possible controls with the pc controller i bought (it works, i have tested it) & i have also tried my keyboard. Everytime i leave the controller config. screen, it resets & then i have to input them again & again & again. Without my controller (or keyboard) keeping the controls how i set them, i can't play a game. Also, when i press ok, a message comes up... "could not load gs plugin "plugins": ,<NULL>" when i press ok again without changing anything, it's fine. Is this my problem?

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Rightclick pcsx2.exe > run as administrator.
Alternatively turn off user account control.
ok, ive done that. now the video is sorta slow & the sound is very slow. Also the controller still wont work. The controls are in the list but the game does not let me use them. I press the buttons i set & nothing happens.

NOTE: my laptop isn't the best with graphics so that may explain the slow speed but is there another way of making it fast without overclocking as that ruined my other laptop.
Possibly buying a new laptop with a better graphic card might make it fast... But I'm not 100 % sure... Tongue
But try enabling different settings in Speed Hacks and maybe enabling Frame Skip under CPU, that might make the games faster but it might also not work in all games.
You didnt specify your game or system specs, try getting the latest public PCSX2 beta and latest GSdx, then set GSdx to native resolution and in PCSX2 turn on speedhacks "config > speed hacks" specially EE x2 cycle rate and "VU Cycle Stealing" set to slight or moderate. That's about as much as you can do.
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i think that it is my laptop being too slow & i think i might think about getting a new one. Would i be better off with a new laptop or a better desktop one? If you have some good suggestions on good laptops/desktops then just relpy the details & ill check them out.
P.S. Pcsx is a awesome emulator, i saw a video of someone using it on youtube & the graphics looked amazing.
Desktops are always better for gaming. Way easier to keep cool, and you can upgrade individual parts later for better performance without having to buy a whole new computer.
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However, if you want a good gaming laptop you can get those as well but they cost a lot more than their desktop counterpart. Alienware ( has a nice sortiment of different gaming PCs, but they are also pricy. If you want something cheaper nothing beats building your own computer from scratch.
Honestly, Dell XPS laptops are pretty much just as good. (Dell owns Alienware now, anyway)

Sony Vaios are also very good.
Want to stream your games? Let me know and I can help you get set up with Open Broadcaster Software.
Dell bought Alienware years ago, and yeah, I've heard that the Dell's XPS computer should be good average gaming computers.

I've never seen a VAIO, are they better than the HP, IBM and all other "cheaper" manufacturers' laptops?

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