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i need help someone to configure my pcsx2 on my laptop
ok, thanks for all your advice...Smile

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(07-16-2010, 09:48 PM)rhcp619 Wrote: what about best setting on
game fixes
i not understand because im use pcsx2 0.9.6 when i play FFX...
could you give me the best setting on that...?

First off, I think you should use .9.7.

With "Gamefixes", they're generally intended for certain games, and are well labeled. Of course, with FFX and FFX-2, it makes sense.

With "Speedhacks", I suggest you start with the 3 [Recommended] hacks first. Then, try adding a to EE Cycle and VU Stealing little by little. You could also try the other hacks, but they tend to be less compatible.

Under "EE/IOP" and "VUs", I've known "Clamping mode" set to "None" or "Round mode" set to "Nearest" to help in some cases. Maybe go there if all else fails, kinda thing.

You really shouldn't need to mess with the "GS" settings.

BTW - If you're not getting fast enough speeds, the sound will suck.
i play FFXII theres no problem with the video but sometime freeze then normal again.. but i have a problem why when i enter the castle in first play all of character was black?
what should i do?
if you're talking about the Reks bit, deal with it. Vaan will be faster

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