i need some help
Hi ,i am having a few issues with some games.I would appreciate some help,thank you.

first off is virtual on,i used imgburn to create a .bin image from my sega ages 2500 virtual on cd,i have also tried creating an iso from the cd.Both gave me the same results when running on PCSX2.Mine is the latest version,9.8 i think.
The issue is that the game is rendered unplayable as the framerates are horrible,and the game is in black and white.
I know it is not my system being not powerful enough,as i have no issues running other graphic intensive games.

I cant provide a screenshot as my computer is not with me right now.

And another game i need help with,is tokyo xtreme racer drift 2.The texts in the game are missing.

I am running GSDX 4.1 and D3d10(hardware)
frame limit and skipping is left at default,speedhacks all turned off.
sound settings are untouched,along with anything not mentioned here.

My system specs:
Core i5 760 @ 2.8 Ghz
6GB DDR3 1333 mhz rams
Nvidia 250 gts 512MB
windows 7 ultimate ,64 bit

Thank you for reading.


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The issue could certainly be your system not being powerful enough, as you're attempting to recreate a gaming console just using a software program. This can, in no way, be compared to PC gaming, which is optimized for the PC and frankly don't take full potential of the CPU.
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I have everything...
I apologize for not explaining in the first post.What i meant was,because Sega Ages 2500's virtual on is a port of a sega model 2 arcade game from 1994,the graphics are alot more simple than most of the other games that i have been able to emulate smoothly on PCSX2.
If the game is actually an emulated port it may actually have bigger problems (emulated game inside yet another emulator Tongue2). Since you mention black and white graphics I'd suspect as many other emulated ports that it should work better with a hardware renderer in GSdx ("F9" while playing switches between software and the renderer you chose in the settings). It's also possible it won't make a difference tho Tongue2
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I will give it a try,looks like i am not destined to play virtual on at home.
The latest model 2 emulator couldn't support twin analog sticks
The nulldc dreamcast emulator doesn't allow me to configure where i want my dash button to be on the wireless xbox 360 controller,and the default one was horrible to work with.

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