i need to configure all the time?
every time i try to play a game on this thing i start it up and it doesnt go to the blue screen it says needs to configure and i have to configure it before i get to were i can start the game then once i try to start a game it gives me error like "cant creat gsLog.txt" and in the black box it says "not detected SSE4.1" then it shows the f1 f2 and f3 hotkeys and what they do and in green under it is says resetting O.O then i press ok and now it says in the box




Framelimiter rate updated <UpdateVSyncRate>: 59.94 fps
NTFS Compression Enable > File not found
Filename: memcards\Mcd001.ps2
NTFS Compression Enable > General Win32 File/stream error [GetLastError: 6]
Filename: memcards\Mcd001.ps2

then it does the same message with the NTFS but for memcard 002 and at the same time a pop up error thing says cannot load memcard for both i get 2 seperate messages then t says cant creat gsLog.txt AGAIN then it says GSinit error -1
then it tries to load the game and i get basic game loading text in the box but i get an error saying _cdvdOpenNVM: Error creating bios\PS2 Bios 30004R V6 Pal.NVM

please help D: i dont kno if its my computer thats just messed up or if i set it up wrong or something D:
but i was trying 0.9.4 and it worked fine but i hear 0.9.6 can play dot hack infection and i got that game cause i wanna play it D: and i cant get 0.9.6 to work....

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under vista ?

Right click->run as admin
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please read the faq and config guide before posting again.

Official PCSX2 FAQ Wrote:My settings are not being saved / Error creating memcard

Right click on pcsx2.exe and select 'Run as administrator' (Vista only) and/or install PCSX2 on a folder you have rights to write (like My Documents)
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