i want to play !! help !! please ?
before all question, i tryed many configuration, then many tutorial, and later many version of pcsx2 ^^ ... and ... i ... failed.

The problem, i think is with my configuration of pcsx2 and the fact i'm a failor,

I want to play at shadow of the colossus, i'm trying thince six hours now ...

first my config:
-XP professional sp3
- radeon saphire 1024 mo gdd4
- 2 GO ram
- amd 64 x 2.0G witch support all teknologie until SSE3 (but i have to use SSE2 on xp 32 bit)

next the problem :
emulator launch fine, the problem: when the game starts, suddenly "PWA" ------> 5 - 10 FPS, i tryed to change config, (speed hacks, cpu ...) and i got 15 - 20 FPS MAX ...
i'm becoming crazy, i want to play ... help meeeeeeee

then the solution ?

(if anyone want help me in direct live, i can give my jabber or my msn :/, FUMITO UEDA WAIT FOR ME ...)
anyway, any lead or any help will be welcomed.
thanks for reading, and help.

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i think your cpu is the problem it is weak
Too Weak. XD
[Image: devilmaycry4wallpaper09.png]
a dual core AMD is not enought ? i know it's only 2Ghz but i saw on internet a guy who did it with a simple heart of 3.5 ghz.
cpu speed : 2868MHZ
you said it 3.5 ghz and you have 2Ghz more ghz you have better performs and speed you will get
he got simple core, i have a double O o 2ghz * 2 = 4ghz O o no ?
I think it should be interesting to put a minimal config requirement on the website ... if it's not already exists ^^
my proc is an Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+, is it realy too weak ? !!!
yes it is if it is 3ghz that make it work
ahh so !!!! who want the control of my computer by vnc to check my config Tongue2 ?
i just tryed with the pcsx2 0.9.5, it worked until 25 FPS, 40%, i should maybe install win7 or Vista ... i will try an other game, i think shadow of the colossus should be greezy, it good game ...
ppfff i want to play this game, ... i don't want to wait to buy an other computer(and a play2 should be cheaper ).

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