i was wondering...
i found on the internet something called PCSX2 Maetel. so i was wondering what this is? is it something the pcsx2 team has done or is it somebody else

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External, third party, unsupported compile. We do not care about those, we do not allow discussion or links about those.

Our files are all available through our site. Anything not on there, we don't want to hear about for obvious reason.

I will go and add that if those people do not provide the sourcecode along with the file, then they are not respecting the GNU General Public License v2, under which pcsx2 is licensed.

And I will also add, none of those people actually added something useful...
maetel is a hackjob that makes things worse, there's nothing useful there. also since PCSX2 has removed VUskip logic (air's modification), I bet this is near theend of maetel, as that was his main focus in compiling it

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