Hi Im new to emulating the ps2 and im having problems
Im running gta vice city and im only getting about 15fps less than 30fps when i fiddle with speedhacks
But whats really annoying me is its not using my full processing power
on the emulator it says cpu 100%
But when i look at my cpu it says psx2 30%
Specs: i5-430 which is a good processor 2.26 to 2.53 GHz.
graphics : ati radeon hd 5145
ram : 4 Gb
Any ideas is it the game, or my hardware or my settings???


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that "100%" is attributed to GS or to EE ?
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Sorry man brand new to emulating on ps2 your going to have to help me a little more than that
? Smile
are you sure you're running vice city and not vice city stories?

cause in my case vice city hangs at the loading screen = unplayable
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In the top bar of the display screen it says EEWackoomething% and GSWackoomething%.
Here something means numbers.Tell us where do you see this 100% in GS: or EE: ?
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I think he means the cpu% in GSdx's title bar for pcsx2 0.9.6.

Try the latest beta and post your PCSX2 and plugin settings so we can help better.
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