i5 intelhdgraphics fps60 drops to 10fps every 3 mins..
yes I know I'm running this on a laptop and it's not recommended but I get straight 70 fps turbo and a couple mins later it'll drop to 10fps for no reason only on 40 percent load on CPU then 20 seconds later emulate flawlessly again. tried toggling framelimet to normal still same thing. adjusted to faster and fastest doesn't seem to hinder this problem. wonder what's going on here, tried toggling v sync didn't change anything either 

 laptop is a 201x Lenovo tried running Tony hawk 3 ps2 iso (rip from my disk) for there is no disk drive

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nevermind processor is throttling it's getting to hot for comfort
Could be worth trying to clean out the fan/heatsink, maybe invest in a cooling pad Smile Laptops aren't really designed for the load emulators put on them, so they do get toasty hot.
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